An application for managing digital comics.


The project is in the process of migrating from PrimeNG to Angular Material as the user interface toolkit. As a result the DEVELOPMENT builds will now run with the new interface, which is currently early in its development.

Project Roadmap And Vision Statement

The goals for this project are simple. It seeks to be the ultimate management tool for digital comic books.

To achieve this goal, the project will:

What The Project Will Not Do


Overview And Goals

ComiXed is designed to be a cross-platform digital comics manager. It will:

Paired with an application that can read your comics (such as Chunky Reader) you will have a very powerful and useful solution for managing and reading your digital comic collection.

Supported Comic Formats

The following digital comic formats are supported:

Building The Application

For details on building things locally, please see the files.


There are two mailing lists available for getting involved in the community.


For users of the project. please sign up for our user list. It’s where general questions, comments and discussions around the application take place.

You can also go here to search the archives.


For contributors to the project, please sign up for our developer list. It’s where feature, coding and bug fix discussions take place.

You can also go here to search the archives.


When working on a feature or fixing a bug, please write and test your code against the develop branch. Then, when it is completed, please send a pull request to have the code imported.

All code should come with unit tests.

If the code is in good shape, then it will be included.

If the code needs some fixes or changes, the developers will provide feedback asking for those changes. Please apply them and resubmit your changes.

And, if this is your first addition to the project, please add your name to the file with your pull request.